Alexander Callahan

Physical Information

Full name: Alexander Callahan
Nicknames: Cal
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Warlock (Ghost)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Blond

Basic Information

Residence: Hecate Hall
Occupation: School Groundskeeper
Student (former)
Status: Deceased

Relationship Information

Romances: Sophie Mercer (fiancée)

Series Information

First appearance: Hex Hall

Alexander "Cal" Callahan was a 19-year-old warlock who decided to spend an extra year at Hex Hall after discovering Sophie, his fiancée, was going to attend.


Cal later died in Spell Bound trying to save Sophie's life. His ghost however stayed at Hex Hall along with Elodie.


Physical descriptionEdit

According to many of the witches attending Hex Hall, he was extremely handsome. In fact, one faerie exclaims that she wouldn't mind losing a bit of blood if it meant being carried by him.

Abilities and skillsEdit

He had the unique ability to heal wounds that even the most powerful warlocks and witches couldn't. Even as a ghost, Cal still has access to his healing abilities.