Alice Barrow

Physical Information

Full name: Alice Barrow
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Human (formerly)
Eye Color: Blue

Basic Information

Residence: Thorne Abbey (former)
Status: Deceased

Relationship Information

Family: Lucy Barrow (daughter)
James Atherton (grandson)
Sophie Mercer (great-granddaughter)
Romances: Henry Thorne †

Series Information

First appearance: Hex Hall

Alice Barrow was Sophie Mercer's great-grandmother.


Alice was originally a human, who fell under the influence of a dangerous woman who dabbled in dark magic. As a result of a spell going wrong, Alice was turned into a demon. At the time of her transformation she was pregnant with Henry Thorne's child. Her daughter, Lucy, later had a son named James. She was killed at the age of eighteen.

Hex HallEdit

Alice was raised from the Hell when Elodie and her circle of witches did a spell. A member of the coven named Holly Mitchell was killed during the process. Alice later attacks Chaston and Anna and kills Elodie. In the end she is killed by her great-granddaughter, Sophie.


Physical descriptionEdit

Abilities and skillsEdit