Anastasia Casnoff

Physical Information

Full name: Anastasia Casnoff
Gender: Female
Species: Dark Witch
Hair Color: Blond

Basic Information

Residence: Hecate Hall
Thorne Abbey (former)
Occupation: Headmistress
Status: Deceased

Relationship Information

Spouse: Unnamed Husband †
Family: Alexei Casnoff (father)
Lara Casnoff (sister)
Grigori Casnoff (grandfather)
Svetlana Casnoff (grandmother)
Unnamed Aunt †

Series Information

First appearance: Hex Hall
Last appearance: Spell Bound

Anastasia Casnoff was the headmistress of Hecate Hall.


Anastasia Casoff is the daughter of (forgot name.) Her sister is Lara Casoff and works for the conciliation. Anastasia Casoff( referred to as Mrs. Casoff) is the headmistress of Hecate. Anastasia sadly sacrificed herself to bring back her students from demonhood. Her sister, her and Cal died in the process.


Mrs. Casnoff was a nice, well-mannered lady. She was courteous to all and expected the same respect from others. She helped whenever she could and was a very powerful witch.

Physical descriptionEdit

Mrs. Casoff is presented as always wearing an extraordinary bun. She has dark blonde hair that goes white in spellbound

Abilities and skillsEdit