Anastasia Casnoff

Physical Information

Full name: Anastasia Casnoff
Gender: Female
Species: Dark Witch
Hair Color: Blond

Basic Information

Residence: Hecate Hall
Thorne Abbey (former)
Occupation: Headmistress
Status: Deceased

Relationship Information

Spouse: Unnamed Husband †
Family: Alexei Casnoff (father)
Lara Casnoff (sister)
Grigori Casnoff (grandfather)
Svetlana Casnoff (grandmother)
Unnamed Aunt †

Series Information

First appearance: Hex Hall
Last appearance: Spell Bound

Anastasia Casnoff was the headmistress of Hecate Hall.



Mrs. Casnoff was a nice, well-mannered lady. She was courteous to all and expected the same respect from others. She helped whenever she could and was a very powerful witch.

Physical descriptionEdit

Abilities and skillsEdit


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