Physical Information

Full name: Daisy
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Demon (formerly)
Hair Color: Black

Basic Information

Residence: Thorne Abbey (former)
Occupation: Student
Status: Alive

Relationship Information

Romances: Nick Anderson (boyfriend)

Series Information

First appearance: Demonglass
Last appearance: Spell Bound

Daisy is a human girl that was turned into a demon. She meets Sophie Mercer and Jenna Talbot at Thorne Abbey.



Daisy first appears along Nick and is described with goth-like features. Daisy and Nick take Sophie and Jenna to and underground Prodigium club which is attacked by the Eye (including Archer). Sophie finds out that Daisy and Nick are dating. Daisy lived with the Council since her memory was swiped and she was turned into a demon. She welcomes Sophie and Jenna with open arms when they come to stay the summer which the girls later joked about due to her goth-like appearance. Nevertheless, the two form a friendship but don't really talk to each other unless their put in the same room together without distractions.


Physical descriptionEdit

She also is described to have jet-black hair and translucent skin.

Abilities and skillsEdit