Elodie Parris
Elodie Parris Hex Hall by thickrimmedglasses

Physical Information

Full name: Elodie Parris
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Dark Witch (Ghost)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red

Basic Information

Residence: Hecate Hall
Occupation: Student
Status: Deceased (Ghost)

Relationship Information

Romances: Archer Cross (ex-boyfriend)
Friends: Anna Gilroy
Chaston Burnett
Holly Mitchell
Sophie Mercer

Series Information

First appearance: Hex Hall
Last appearance: Spell Bound

Elodie Parris was a dark witch that was sent to Hex Hall shortly after coming into her powers by making a girl vanish forever.


Elodie Parris first came into her powers at twelve and turning day into night was her first spell. Elodie was sent to Hecate shortly after coming into her powers at the age of 12 by making a girl vanish forever. When Sophie got to Hex Hall, Elodie was considered the hottest and most popular girl on camps and was also the founder of a coven of dark witches that was created before Sophie's arrival. The coven consisted of Jenna's best friend, Holly Mitchell, Anna Gilroy, and Chaston Burnett alongside Elodie. The coven unfortunately lost a member when Holly was found dead in a tub in the girls' bathroom. Because of this, Elodie, Anna, and Chaston approached Sophie after she arrived with the intentions of having the new and only other dark witch at Hex Hall join their coven.


She is often described as very snarky and rude. Often snapping at her friends Chaston and Anna. Although Archer considered her to be very nice.

Physical descriptionEdit

She had bright green eyes and red hair that falls in soft curls over her shoulders. She was considered to be very attractive.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Elodie was an exceptional dark witch who managed to form a coven of dark witches during her time at Hex Hall.