Grace Mercer

Physical Information

Full name: Grace Brannick
Alias: Grace Mercer
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red (dyed Brown)

Basic Information

Residence: Vermont
Occupation: Religious Studies teacher
Status: Alive

Relationship Information

Spouse: James Atherton (former)
Family: Sophie Mercer (daughter)
Fiona Brannick (mother)
Aislinn Brannick (sister)
Finley Brannick (niece)
Isolde Brannick (niece)
Maeve Brannick (ancestor)
Avis Brannick (relative)

Series Information

First appearance: Hex Hall
Last appearance: Spell Bound

Grace Mercer is Sophie's human mother.



Physical descriptionEdit

Abilities and skillsEdit



Sophie is Grace's sarcastic daughter. While Grace finds it necessary to move around a lot to escape her past which she keeps a secret, all she really wants is for her daughter to fit in with the people around her. The two have a solid, and somewhat humorous, relationship.



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