Holly Mitchell

Physical Information

Full name: Holly Mitchell
Gender: Female
Species: Dark Witch

Basic Information

Residence: Hecate Hall (former)
Occupation: Student
Status: Deceased

Relationship Information

Romances: Archer Cross (fiance)
Friends: Jenna Talbot
Elodie Parris
Anna Gilroy
Chaston Burnett

Series Information

First appearance: Hex Hall

Holly Mitchell was the roommate and best friend of Jenna Talbot. She was also Archer Cross's fiance.


She was a dark witch who joined Elodie Parris' coven. The year before Sophie Mercer got there Holly was supposedly murdered. Holly's old coven blamed it on Jenna because her body was found with two holes punctured on her neck. It was later revealed that Elodie's coven was raising a demon and needed a blood sacrifice, so they killed Holly.


She was described as being very sweet. Her coven often said that she was a horrible dark witch.

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Abilities and skillsEdit