James Atherton

Physical Information

Full name: James Atherton
Gender: Male
Species: Demon (one-half)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown

Basic Information

Residence: Thorne Abbey (former)
Occupation: Head of the Council (former)
Status: Alive

Relationship Information

Spouse: Grace Mercer (former)
Family: Sophie Mercer (daughter)
Mr. Atherton (father)
Lucy Barrow (mother)
Henry Thorne (grandfather)
Alice Barrow (grandmother)
Virginia Thorne (great-aunt)

Series Information

First appearance: Demonglass
Last appearance: Spell Bound

James Atherton is the former Head of the Council and the father of Sophie Mercer.


Early Life Edit

James Atherton was born to Mr. Atherton and his wife Lucy Barrow. Later in his life his mother killed his father while being controlled by Alexei Casnoff.

Later LifeEdit

James then fell in love with Grace Brannick. They didn't know that one of them was a monster Hunter and one was a demon. Soon Grace found out what James was and left. But she was pregnant with Sophie and left her family.


Physical descriptionEdit

James is described to be handsome in a fussy way by his daughter. He is a slender man with dark hair and blue eyes.

James is never seen without wearing a suit with ironed ties. He wears glasses that he punctually cleans with a handkerchief from his front pocket.

Abilities and skillsEdit