Jenna Talbot
Jenna t

Physical Information

Full name: Jennifer Talbot
Nicknames: Jenna
The Leech (by Chaston)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Human (formerly)
Hair Color: Blond (pink stripe)

Basic Information

Residence: Hecate Hall
Occupation: Student
Status: Alive

Relationship Information

Romances: Victoria (girlfriend)
Amanda (ex-girlfriend)
Friends: Holly Mitchell
Sophie Mercer

Series Information

First appearance: Hex Hall
Last appearance: Spell Bound

Jenna Talbot is a vampire and Sophie's best friend. Jenna and Sophie become acquainted rather quickly after being thrust together as roommates. Jenna is the only vampire student at Hex Hall.


Jenna Talbot lived with her "disgustingly happy" parents when she met Amanda, a vampire. Amanda was the vampire who turned Jenna and they both decided to live together forever without anyone from the outside world when Amanda, Jenna's girlfriend, was murdered in her sleep by L'Occio di Dio, a society bent on killing all supernaturals in the world.

During her death, Amanda had time to scream a warning to Jenna before she ran. Jenna eventually stopped at a grocery store only when she felt hungry enough to steal a Twinkie and run into the parking lot, only to spit it out almost immediately. The owner came out once he noticed that she had left without paying, and, unfortunately, was bitten and shortly died. After running for what seemed like forever, Jenna found Amanda's parents. She told them about the death of their child which lead them to send her to the Council head quarters stationed in Savannah, Georgia, who, in turn, sent her to Hecate Hall.


Jenna is a rather fun teen, who likes to joke around and tease. She can be rather sensitive at times, but only when it's an acceptable emotion. She's sarcastic and loving, plus a great friend to Sophie.

Physical descriptionEdit

Jenna is known for her general paleness, not only on her skin but in her hair. To lighten it up, she dyed a strip hot pink and became known across campus by that and the fact she was the only vampire there. She is short, barely five feet, and is always exceedingly happy or sulking, never in-between.

Abilities and skillsEdit


  • Referring to her pink hair stripe
    "I could do yours if you want. But not pink, though. That's my thing."
  • "Here we are. Welcome to the Twilight Zone!"
  • "Day-um. That's hard core."
  • Talking about the Trinity Coven
    Sophie: "Scew them."
    Jenna: "Damn straight."
  • "I don't do guys."
  • "Archer's not cute. Puppies are cute. Babies are cute. I'm cute. Archer Cross is smokin' hot. And I'm not even into guys."
  • When Elodie keeps rolling her eyes
    "Are you having a seizure or something?"
  • "Welcome to Hex Hall."