Nick Anderson

Physical Information

Full name: Nick Anderson
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Hair Color: Black

Basic Information

Residence: Thorne Abbey (former)
Occupation: Student
Status: Alive

Relationship Information

Family: Mr. Anderson (father)
Mrs. Anderson (mother)
Martin Anderson (uncle)
Elise Anderson (aunt)
Archer Cross (cousin)
Romances: Daisy (girlfriend)

Series Information

First appearance: Demonglass
Last appearance: Spell Bound

Nick Anderson is a demon that first appears in the second book, Demonglass. He meets Sophie Mercer and Jenna Talbot at Thorne Abbey.



Nick first appears along Daisy and is described with goth-like features. Daisy and Nick take Sophie and Jenna to and underground Prodigium club which is attacked by the Eye (including Archer). Sophie finds out that Daisy and Nick are dating. Nick lived with the Council since his memories were erased and he was turned into a demon.


Physical descriptionEdit

He is described to have jet-black hair and translucent skin.

Abilities and skillsEdit





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