Physical Information

Full name: Torin
Nicknames: Mirror Boy
Age: 500+
Gender: Male
Species: Warlock
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blond

Basic Information

Status: Alive

Relationship Information

Friends: Isolde Brannick

Series Information

First appearance: Spell Bound
Last appearance: School Spirits

Torin is warlock boy trapped within a mirror at the Brannick Headquarters.


Torin is roughly 500 years old, and a powerful warlock. He was preforming a spell too big for him and trapped himself in a mirror, only to be found by a Brannick. He has been with the Brannicks ever since, sometimes helping them with useful prophecies.


Torin is very vague when he speaks. He takes pleasure in watching people get agitated at his very ill-defined descriptions of upcoming events. He thinks he is better than everyone else.

Physical descriptionEdit

Torin has blond hair and and brown eyes. While he is only seen from the waist up, he wears a white ruffled shirt.

Abilities and skillsEdit

He is a very powerful warlock that has the power of prophecy. In School Spirits, it shows that Torin can move from mirror to mirror without many complications and can even invade Izzy's dreams.



Izzy is more or less a companion of Torin's. In School Spirits, they are shown to having a good relationship and trust each other. Torin also believes that Izzy will be the one to set him free.

She is Izzy's sister. In School Spirits, she is said to have gone missing while hunting down a coven of dark witches. Torin constantly tells Izzy that even he doesn't know where she's gone, but that he doesn't really care about her since she is not the one who will set him free.